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im 19 and have been getting bad spells that last for a few hours to several days , constantly expect night time of what i describe as a vertigo dizziness feeling that makes me feel nausea abit like motion sickness but not like the room is spinning more like an unbalanced feeling it is quite debilatateing , Doctor has checked blood/urine and ears an eyes they found nothing and seem to think its caused from anxiety which i keep finding it hard to believe as i don't really feel anioux when the symptoms start usually after ,i do have other symptoms which i have had over the past 6 months such as a feeling of pressure in my head or a lightheaded feeling ,stomach pains ,heartburn feeling in lower sternum ,muscle twitching ,muscle pains ,neck ache ,back ache,feeling of something stuck in the upper throat ,sharp sudden electric shock type pains ,sudden loss of libido for 3 days at a time ,tingling sensation in feet and hands ,hissing noise in ears , fatigue ,General feeling of being unwell or feeling that im about to get a cold ,a sudden shortness of breath ,these are all of which i have had for 6 months , please if anybody gets simular or the same things or you know that anixety can cause these sickness feelings please let me know !

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