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I've always battled anxiety, I just didn't know it was at such a high and uncontrollable level until my recent decision to get a hip tattoo. Since getting the tattoo, I've been so panicked and just want it off of me. (and to think the tattoo is something that was well thought out and planned for at least 6 months)

I've started taking prozac, and I'm hoping within the next couple of weeks I will start to feel better and less anxious and like my normal self again. I can't help but feeling alone though. I'm single, and live with my mom and going to school online... my mom can't relate to how I'm feeling and I guess I just want reassurance that I am going to be ok and that I'm not alone? and if anyone recently has been taking prozac and if it's worked? (even though i know from just reading this message board I am clearly not alone)

I also want to let anyone know who's reading this , that I'm hear for anyone that needs support!


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