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Hi there! Yes, this sounds very normal and can definitely happen with anxiety/depression. I know I've started to get to where I can't enjoy things like I used to. I recently purchased the car I've wanted since I was a child (a Chevy Camaro) with all of the upgrades.... and while I'm very happy, I just don't get that excitement and joy that I'd typically get! I get periods of time when I do feel it, then not. It's like the bad things just overwhelm me. Lately for me the anxiety/depression IS caused from events (I just lost a loved one), but I also used to feel that way without reason, just like you. It's very confusing when you don't even know why you feel that way.

I tried everything I could, such as regular workouts to help keep stress and anxiety down, eating right, getting enough sleep, but eventually I decided to try medication. Prozac helped me a lot, but yes, it does have some side effectcs for me. It makes me feel drowsy. I'm actually going to talk to my doctor about it soon because I want to see if I can change my dose or possibly mix it with Wellbutrin, which is supposed to help with energy. I tried Prozac because the side effects seemed much less than other kinds. No weight gain, nothing very bad, just drowsiness. Sometimes I space out more and tend to have a hard time concentrating.

If you do try medication, I suggest starting with the lowest dosage. If you start with something higher, you will only feel any side effects more intensely. Start low, then slowly add on to it if you dont feel that it's working for you. I haven't tried Zoloft myself, but I've heard good things about it too. Taking a low dose should help prevent that "numb" feeling too. Remember, you can always go off of it if you don't like it! Your worries are completely normal. I thought about the same things.

Definitely look into it... you don't want to continue to feel this way! I know how awful it feels to struggle with anxiety and let it take away your joy! You don't want that to get worse!
Thank you so much Turrrra for your response! I to am regularly working out as well as keeping a HUGE eye on what I eat. I've also introduced chamomile tea into my diet suggested by a friend to calm me down...not quite sure how much its really working out though, but it cant hurt. If I do start zoloft I will definitely start on a low dose, and hearing that a lower does wont totally numb me is definitely comforting.

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