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yes, that sounds like anxiety when it's on overdrive. I have the same problems and the trigger for me is my health. i don't know why. i take valium when i get worked up like that. it would calm down the thoughts but other meds can be just as good for you. for me, the trick is to shut it down before it ballons into a trip to the ER, which I've also done. when all that passes i get really embarassed that I let it carry me that far. I had few episodes like you're having at your age too, then it all went away but came back many years later. extra stress sometimes pushes me into this, other times it's hormones, i'm female and prone to depression and anxiety around my period. whatever the case, there's a trigger somewhere that you're setting off, then comes the circle of wild thoughts and fears that send you to the ER. You get temporary relief finding out you're not going to die. that buzz wears off and you're back in the cycle. try talking to another doc about antidepressants and anxiety meds. try the anxiety meds first, i prefer than than taking something that messes with moods on that level.

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