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May I ask what dosage of Cymbalta they gave you? Perhaps a low dosage would be best to start with to see how you handle it. I tried it in the past and didn't feel a huge difference. I felt about the same. I decided to up my dosage after that, and that's when I felt tired all the time and felt almost numb. I guess that yes, I felt more relaxed and less anxious, but only because I was so tired. I was struggling with depression at the time and didn't feel that Cymbalta really helped with that, so that's why I stopped. I didn't have a terrible experience on it, but it just wasn't the right match for me. I gained a few pounds, but not a lot, so that wasn't too bad.

I take Prozac for my anxiety and it helps. I am starting to fall into some depression struggles again, and I feel like it might not address that as much as I hoped for and more helps with the anxiety. Also, I really like taking Xanax for panic attacks and very anxious moments. I was prescribed a low dose to take only as needed and not regularly. It's been perfect for that. It tends to make me tired and I try to rest after taking it. If I'm feeling very panicky, I feel like I could use a good nap after I start to relax anyway.

I haven't taken Zoloft, so I can't offer any experience on it. As for as natural remedies, I haven't found anything that truly works. It helps me to work out often since it helps me clear my mind. When I'm really tired and have low energy, I try to at least go for a walk or do yoga or pilates. It helps. A vitamin B complex can help moods too, but I haven't really noticed a difference from it.

Also, I take generic Prozac. It's only about $5 a month for the pills. When I took Cymbalta, they only had the name brand available, so it was more. For some reason, my insurance did not cover very much of it. There are random medications that it doesn't cover a big piece of (such as my birth control, since I chose to get name brand and they want me to go for the generic, which I dont want to do). Cymbalta now does have a generic form, which is supposed to be the same thing. I have done fine w/ generic Prozac and other generic meds... I just chose to not do that w/ my birth control because I heard that the fillers bothered a lot of people who took it!

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