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During the day when I'm busy doing things, the only muscle twitch I notice is my left upper eyelid. At night when I'm laying down in my bed focusing all of my attention on muscle twitching, I really start to notice it and it gets me even more stressed out.

These muscle twitches are very minor. They are mostly in my legs, but I occasionally feel them in other places. It's a very small muscle that just begins to twitch randomly. I can't get a good night of sleep because all I do is sit up and worry about my muscle twitches. There is no muscle weakness or atrophy to accompany these twitches.

I'm 18 years old. I've had anxiety over thinking that I have a brain tumor for moving on 3 months now. I read online a while back about muscle twitching being a symptom of a brain tumor, and since I read that I say to myself "if my muscle twitches I have a brain tumor." Of course after that, I get muscle twitches to accompany my anxiety.

Is this normal?? I'm terrified beyond belief that this is a serious disease.
Don't worry about the twitches, because off my anxiety, I had a eye lid twitch off and on for about 4 months, then it went into my legs and wherever else. I really think it's anxiety. I know when I'm more stressed or feeling real anxious I get the twitches. I to also thought I had some brain tumor or other health problems. But I don't, and I'm sure your fine too. You can always go to doctors and get yourself checked out to ease your mind. I did. .. Take care
Hi. About three months ago I too started having a twitch in my left eyelid, right where the eyelashes are, after a bad pink eye infection. It twitches when I sneeze, touch my eyes, put a shirt over my head, etc. Recently I started noticing every little "jump" sensation that my body made especially lying in bed at night (that's when my anxiety is really bad) :dizzy:. I have been worried sick about MS even though I had an MRI last May and everything was normal. Somehow I allow my mind to tell me that the dr. was wrong and I know he missed something. It helps me to know that there are other people going through the same thing so I hope that my symptoms will help you to feel better. I also do not have any muscle weakness or pain. I am really starting to believe that anxiety and worry can make your body begin to experience physical sensations even when you aren't thinking about them. I was told that my thyroid levels are borderline but I do not have to be on any medication for it. I have even completely removed caffeine from my diet but my twitch still rears its ugly head almost everyday. It is not 24/7 at least. I think I would slice my eyelid off if that were the case! :) So now when one happens in the other eye, or arm, or leg I just watch it happen and try to tell myself that is my mind playing tricks on me.

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