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I'm 23-years-old and a few years ago I was a hypochondriac who thought I had every disease under the sun. I feel in love and got over it. Now, after being diagnosed with a prostate infection, it's all come roaring back. I have been to 4 doctors, a counselor and a chiropractor now. I told all my symptoms to the first doctor and he said that it was anxiety. I couldn't believe him so I went to another doctor who did a complete neuro in-office exam and said he too believed it was anxiety. I went to a third who too did the neuro exam and said it was not neuro related, but she said she didn't believe it was anxiety, so she ordered a full blood workup and everything came back normal. Yesterday, I went to the fourth doctor (my primary) who also did the neuro exam and he said he disagreed that it wasn't neuro because it could be my neurotransmitters. I told him to do a urine culture and an A1C, both of which came back normal. I'm still waiting for the results of my Vitamin D to come back. My primary said he believes that it's either hypertension or anxiety. I don't know what to do anymore because I can't believe it's anxiety. My symptoms are: I have a weird sensation on both sides of my face. It's not numb because I have full sensation, it's just a weird feeling like there is a lot of tension in my face. I have mouth and tongue pain with a sore throat, I have felt tingling in my feet and my hands (it's more like a burning sensation in my feet and my hands are not really tingling anymore, but the doctor thinks my hands have carpal tunnel), I have a very slight tremor in my right hand and occassional headaches and eye pain (that could be from an allergy that I have to be on eye drops for a eight weeks for). I have a couple cavities I still have to get filled so I'm going to the dentist on Friday and discusing the facial/tongue stuff with him to see if it could be TMJ or something like that. But, three doctors have performed the in-office neuro exam on me and all 3 (including the one who used to work in neuro) have told me that it's not a brain tumor, stroke, MS, ALS or anything like that, but I'm scared to death. My primary mentioned hypertension could cause the tremor, but would that cause the facial/tongue stuff too? What's weird is sometimes I feel my symptoms sometimes I don't. Like Wednesday, I went for a walk with a friend of mine and we were having a conversation so I didn't even think about the symptoms, so it's like they didn't exist. But, when I got home, back they came. Could this be anxiety related? Has anyone else had anxiety with these similar symptoms like facial/tongue pain, tingling, etc. I don't know what to do anymore because I feel like I'm going insane.

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