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Do I need to see a doctor over my anxiety issues? How do you know anxiety symptoms from actual physical problems?

For the last 9 months or so I've been dealing with some health issues. I had made it through 25 years and never even had blood drawn. Now I've had surgery in December, to remove my gallbladder, and still don't feel well. It's starting to really get me down and I'm having a ton of anxiety about all of this as I think something serious is going on with my health.

I'm having a hard time focusing on anything but the discomfort I'm experiencing. I'm now finding maintaining relationships with friends and family difficult because I'm so self absorbed currently. How can I listen to the details of their lives, and they're problems, when I feel as though something is seriously wrong with me? I've lost interested over the past few months in things I used to enjoy doing. Watching sports has always been a passion of mine, now I'm not evening paying attention to the game when I have it on. Even when people are talking to me I'm not really comprehending what they are saying. I feel like the people around me don't know or really care to understand what I'm going through. Yes, I've been whining and complaining alot and I know they are tired of hearing it. It's hard because I just want to feel good again and am afraid I'll never get back to that.

The symptoms I've been experiencing (chest discomfort, back aches, upper abdominal tenderness, burping, and hiccups) my doctor thinks are due to acid reflux. I had an upper endoscopy Wednesday, which I still don't know the results of, and won't until Wednesday. They did find irriatation in my esophagus which they took a biopsy of. I know stress and anxiety contribute to acid reflux so I'm wondering how much worse I'm making everything by freaking out about it all the time. Could I be unintentionally causing all of this myself?

How do you know if it's time to go to a doctor over anxiety?

I don't want to be on medication but do I need it?

What should I do?

I would greatly appreciate anyone taking time to respond to my post. I just feel worried, alone, and confused right now. Anyone else went through something similar to this?
Because anxiety is a felt experience that is readily recognizable to us all, when we experience anxiety we think it is all in our head, as it was the last time we had anxiety. But it really is not necessarily so. Other chemical actions in our bodies can induce or mitigate anxiety no matter how we are thinking.

It's too bad that anxiety is not like digestion where we can say, "Oh, I've never had a twinge in the top of my stomach like that. I'm having a strange sort of indigestion." We have many different kinds of indigestion (which give us clues about which factors might be causing the stomach distress) but with anxiety we never say, "I'm having a strange kind of anxiety." It only varies in intensity, not kind. So it all seems to be emotional when, in fact, chemistry can play a big role. Many people have panic attacks brought on by things like jet fuel fumes.

And then there are other physiological components like adrenal fatigue, which was my problem. Every morning I would wake up to an anxiety attack. Getting something to eat helped with the low blood sugar component of the anxiety but not until my doc started addressing my adrenal fatigue did the problem end. He had me take 5ml ashwaganda 1:1 extract and 5ml rehmannia 1:2 extract ([U]not[/U] pill form) twice/day and, in a few weeks, going through the early morning times of anxiety were like going over a pot hole in a tour bus as compared to going over a pot hole in a Yugo! To see this change develop week by week showed me that how we think and emote can be the product of a lot of non-cerebral influences, and that made enduring the episodes of anxiety more understandable and less intolerable.

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