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Hello i am male 38 years of age married, 1 children since i remember i have had anxiety and depression , when i was a kid i had the most terrible nightmares going to school , my anxiety always been terrible also for many years a have been madicated for anxiety, panick atacks ,depression .
But recently after stop taking medications for a couple of years my anxiety has returned more stronge than before also with depression so i went to my doc he gave me citalopram first 40 ml then 60 ml the maximum dose for citalopram, i start to feel much, much better after a few weeks like before taking citalopram i was nervous to go anyplace like supermarkets , mall,theater (etc) then after having the citalopram (celexa) my life came back to me i was going to every place alone and i could say that i was feeling preatty safe no fear, no panick attacks, and much less depression even i went for vacations to florida and i went to the bech alone ,before going to the beach alone it could be almost imposible but after start citalopram was diferent a 100% much better .
But after two moths having citalopram 60 ml i feelt like my anxiety was like70% gone and my depression was like 50 % gone i was still feeling depressed and some times anxius like when i had to pay at the cashier or talking with some one about something important like work or somethig like that, so i went back to my doc and he gave me seroquel first 25ml now 50 ml daily for anxiety and help with depression now i am having both seroquel xr 50ml and citalopram 60 ml daily and i have to say that seroquel xr really works for anxiety now my anxiety is almost gone like 95% is gone i feel more relax , calm during the whole day and at night helps me to sleep for me seroquel has been A+ exellent medication for anxiety but i am still very concern because looks like my depression still is in progress like is 50% with citalopram but seroquel looks like is not helping to much with the depression only with anxiety so i relly don"t know what to do?? talk with my doc,,, and aski him to encrease my seroquel ??? or just change citalopram for depression ??? i really don't know what do to??? , because citalopram at the first time works with my anxiety and like 50% with my depression but like i said i have been like 3 months having citalopram and like 24 days on seroquel so... my concern is my depression, feels like my motivation is still down
and i don't know what do ????? any one here have had experience with seroquel xr for depression how many ml daily????or just anyone that may be can give me an advise about it???Thanks:confused::confused::confused:

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