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CandP.........I just wanted to add something for you to consider, when making (or receiving) a call to a customer, or stranger. I've worked in a customer service (computer help desk) jobs, for a well known company. In doing my own survey, I have found that about 65% of the people I would talk to, were already frustrated by the time I said "hello, how can I assist you today", while some were just plain unhappy in life and rude through the entire call. It was nothing I provoked in them, (the calls were monitored) they just go through life being miserable.

I even made it a challenge prior to answering the call, that I would come across considerate, helpful and positive. The next time you need to make a call, take some time before calling, gather your thoughts and feel good about yourself. Know that you are a caring person, and YOU ARE truly better then anyone else who goes through life winning and complaining. It may be difficult at first, but be positive force within yourself and keep telling yourself, you are better then that.

May you reach the point in life where you understand that although there are people who may have different talents and skills in life, there is no one who is better then you.....

Remember what they say........misery loves company...... so let the negatives be with themselves.

Wishing you the best in health...............
I have anxiety over making phone calls. When I have to call, for instance, the doctors office, I completely freak. Eventually I'll talk myself up to doing it but will dial part of the phone number and then hang up. This could happen 5-6 times, if not more, before I can actually complete the call. It's like I don't know what to say when the other person answers. My fear is of sounding like a complete and total idiot. It stress me out a great deal.

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