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Hi everyone! I was unable to log in for the last few days, my computer messed up. Well I would like to say thank you to each and everyone of you for your input. I have decided I am going to the SSRI up until I start my therapy :-) Im a little nervous, but at the point I am in I pretty ready to try anything. The last couple of days have been rough, but I have been maintaing. I havenít been to the ER in 2 weeks, which is an accomplishment for me; I usually go every 2 weeks seems like. My attacks start suddenly and itís like the symptoms come all at once. I do know that when they do come I get this sense of calm real eerie type calm almost like I am in a dream and that I can walk through anything. Then I canít breathe, and after that itís like I was hit by a train. The ones that wake me up in the middle of the night scare me more than minute I am sleep the next I am grasping for air, my chest is hurting, my heart is racing, im shaking and freezing and scared. That right there is pushing me over the edge....I did Google the Mirena and Panic side effects and it was there as clear as day. I think the IUD aided me having full blown panic attacks...I donít know. My mother and everyone said I had Post-Partum but I donít remember anything ...itís all fuzzy.

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