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Re: Prozac
Jun 16, 2010
Right now the only anxiety medication I have is Xanax, but I do not take it regularly! I use it only on an "as needed" basis. I've had a few times I felt like I really needed it and accidentally left it at home, but I managed. I try to not take it more than a few times a week so I don't depend on it too much (since it's addicting). So, this isn't really used to prevent anxiety, so that's why I'm still looking for new meds that might be good!

I'm so sorry to hear about the cancer issue! I don't blame you for feeling anxious because of this. I'm sure it can be quite traumatic. There are many people on here with health-related anxiety, so you are not alone!

Hm.. I notice that with the Prozac, I would sleep through the night and if I did wake up, I would fall back asleep without a problem. I could literally go to sleep within 5 minutes at any moment because I was constantly so sleepy. This was weird because usually with anxiety, it keeps you awake since your mind is so busy. I just eventually got so cloudy brained that I was always dizzy and very sleepy. I do know many people that seem to wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble getting back to them. One of my coworkers is this way. He does not take medication, but I do know that he is pretty stressed out from his workload being crazy right now. Do you feel stressed out? Also, are you comfortable in your bed and surroundings? I used to get night sweats that would wake me up and then I'd get freezing cold. For some reason, it was my comforter causing this. Now I use a different material and it's been much better.

Unfortunately I hear about a lot of people being tired on anxiety medication. With Xanax, I feel like the results are more short-term. It's considered more of a tranquilizer that calms you when you need it most. I do get very tired after it kicks in, but it's not long lasting, so it doesn't affect my sleep or anything.

Most antidepressants make you tired too. I have heard that Wellbutrin is one of the few that does not make you tired, but it's not really the best option for anxiety. A friend of mine takes Lexapro at a low dosage for her depression and feelings of being overwhelmed and she is very happy with it. SOme people do get tired from it, but my friend said her energy (and her weight) stayed exactly the same.

I have to admit that the weight thing is important to me... I didn't want to gain a lot of weight being on meds for anxiety! Luckily Prozac has one of the lowest risks for this. Sure, some people still might gain from it, but most do not and some even lose weight. I stayed about the same the whole time I was on it. If I ever gained some weight, it was because of my eating habits, and I was able to lose it.

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