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I am going insane
Jun 12, 2010
I am new here, but not new to panic attacks and anxiety, I have had them for 20 yrs. I went thru a time where they went away and just had some anxiety but in 2005, they came back with a vengance. I feel like I can't control my mind, its constant worry, what if what if thinking all the time. I feel dizzy, off balanced, brain fog, i cant think clear anymore, forgetful, irritable and palpitations. I have always had a heart phobia and in Feb I got this intense burning in my chest that went into my back, etc. I felt like I had a blow torch in my chest, or drank hot sauce. i thought it was my heart went to the er and said I did not have heart attack, but admitted me anyway for observation and one little thing on my ekg that he was not sure of. I was left on the monitor all night and the next day another doc came in and said I was fine and could go home. I had 3 ekgs while in the hospital an on the monitor as well. he told me they all loooked fine and thought it was gastro related. I went to my new family doctor had another ekg, it was fine and holter only showed pvc, but ok. I am on priolec but still have some burning here and there. i have not shortness of breath or pain on doing anything. I will go for weeks and no pain at all then I will get a spell, I keep reading on line and convinced I have angina. I keep worrying I have this rare form called variant angina. I can't get the thoughts out of my head. I get to where I am afraid to walk fast or leave my home. I am afraid to go outside at times. I think about having a heart attack all the time. I get burning and then I get all worked up and my ears burn and I think this is it...... They mentioned a stress test in the hospial and lost it. My heart rate went to 177 and I thoguht I was gone. I was treated like dog in the er, it was hell. I am overweight, but my blood pressure is on the low side and my cholesterol was perfect they said. I want to exerise but it makes me have anxiety attacks. I feel like checking myself into a mental ward I am so stressed out. I have been thru hell lately, lost 2 grand parents in 3 months, teen daughter got pregnant, kictchen caught in fire a few months ago, I am sick all the time. I am so afraid that it just consumes me. I know of a young woman my age that dropped over of a heart attack and it sent me over the edge. I can't stop worrying about my heart!

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