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Hi there, so sorry to hear you are having these troubles. I myself used to have them, so I understand where you're coming from. you're probably pretty stressed about having to leave the house, aren't you? worrying about all the preparation it will take, how long you will have to be out.. I know how it goes.

Try your best to breathe deeply. Deep breathing exercises helped me tremendously, and I think they will be of help to you too. (Try starting to do them at night when you're relaxed and attempting sleep.) Breathe in deep, as deeply as you can through your nose, and let the air out as slowly as you can out of your mouth. Do this as many times as you need to so you can relax.

Having your brother drive you will make you feel at least a little more comforted when you go. I've found having someone you know with you makes it all so much easier.

As for Celexa, don't give up on it just get. Some medicines take a while to kick in, and they work differently in everyone. Give the medicine a month or two to start affecting you more strongly.

To get through the next few days and beyond: Find your safe place. Create a place for yourself, maybe your room, where you can go to relax and feel comforted. Fill it with things that make you feel good and make you happy (pictures, movies, books, anything). Consider this your safe haven when you need to escape from the anxiety. Over time, slowly start to incorporate pieces of your safe place into other rooms, into your life outside the house. You need to make a transition and having these memories of comfort will make it easier on you.

Best of luck-- really rooting for you,

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