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These sensations and feelings are very simple and basic.

These things have been happening for 5-6 weeks now. Bear with me.

First off: I stopped smoking weed and cigarettes almost two months ago.

It started off with visual hallucinations. Involuntarily focused on intense static.

It didn't bother me at first. I thought I'd ride it through, until they subsided.

Then I started having the symptoms of panic attacks. Non-stop.

4 days after the panic attacks, I ended up having to quit caffeine also.

I used to drink Energy Drinks hardcore. Redbull and Amp.

Been drinking soda since I was young.

I'm 19 and smoked pot and ciggs from the age of 15 about.

I smoked more heavily from the ages of 17-19.

This is also my second time quitting everything. So I imagine the effect on my brain is X2.

Two of the worst symptoms, which scarred me, and changed my perceptions:

Depersonalization and Unreality. Also with emphasis on Spirituality.

So I'm trying really freaking hard to see things from a SANE perspective.

After all this stress. I give myself a break whenever possible.

Sometimes it's like: This is BS! I want no part of any of this.


Okay, I've gotten a better handle on things. Those were the earlier symptoms. I don't think I need advice on the previous stuff, but it's FYI!

The most important things I need help with are

Intense Brain Fog / Mental Fogginess.

It feels like something is moving inside my head, sometimes my whole body.

Cloudiness and Emptiness.

I feel like my Head is a Balloon, and it's filled with HELIUM

A MOVING ENERGY IN MY HEAD. A sinking and falling feeling

It's like having that Hypnagogia feeling in head.. most of the day...

It's like it grabs a hold of me and Shakes me, and Twitches my brain and nerves. Then I feel disconnected from everything. Loud noises make it worst

It's like a nasty flash that I snap into, and it makes me nauseous.

I don't need the best advice. I just need immediate advice. and assistance.

And I've been looking up advice this whole time.

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