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5-10mg of Lexapro are very low doses - I doubt they are causing your symptoms, they are more likely to be caused by the anxiety and depression it self

he usual minimum effective dose is 20mg per day
I, too, took 10 mg. Lexapro (for about a ten-month period of time a few years back.) I found that, starting after about a month, it definitely helped my depression, although I didn't find it as helpful for anxiety as breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, and calming "self talk."

So I agree you should give it a chance for at least a few months. Make sure you don't stay up late and get on a regular sleeping schedule. This is VERY important for fighting fatigue!

Practice relaxing your entire body and try to fall asleep peacefully and comfortably every night.

I also had a problem with fatigue while on Lexapro, but depression makes me tired, so I don't know how much the Lexapro contributed (though I think it was some.) Also, I didn't drink coffee daily back then, which I do now, and it helps me have energy. I also went to bed later back then, which I also think contributed to fatigue.

However, if I ever take Lexapro again, I would probably start on 5 mg. Lexapro to see if that works, due to the side effects of (constant!) constipation and some weight gain.

I don't agree that 10 mg is a low dose. That's what they prescribed me as a normal dose.

P.S. Another common side effect is vivid dreams. Are you having those, and do they affect your sleep-- could that be contributing to your fatigue? How do you feel you sleep at night-- good quality, or no?


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