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I'm getting really nervous about the appointment tomorrow. I'm going to go but I'm questioning whether is it even going to help at all. Maybe this is just my personality. Maybe no one or nothing is going to be able to help me. Maybe I'm just stuck like this. What if I'm so nervous I'm unable to really communicate what I'm going through? It seems so complex and it's really hard to describe how I feel or the impact this is having on my life. What if he thinks I'm crazy? I'm already worried about trying to find the office since I've never been there before. Already paranoid about being late. Wondering what questions will be asked. What will he think of me? Heck, I'm even wondering what I should wear? Will he want to prescribe medication and if so, what? My counselor said I should write down what I've been going through and how I feel. Even that is a struggle for me because should I be writing down physical or emotional symtpoms?..Both? I have acid reflux so I don't know if I'm having those symptoms or symptoms of anxiety, or maybe they both go hand in hand?

I know I sound completely crazy now and maybe I am. My counselor thinks I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder but I really think I have more Social Anxiety. Anyway, I've been struggling with these issues for 10 years. I had gallbladder surgery in December and that's when the anxiety got totally out of contol. Now along with anxiety in social situations, I have bad health anxiety too. Actually, everything seems to be bothering me anymore. I've been taking 25mg dosage of Zoloft for roughly 7 weeks now, no improvement. My doctor did prescribe Clonazepam, .25mg twice a day as needed. Well, I know this sounds stupid, but I haven't been taking it because deciding when/if I needed it caused me anxiety. Plus I read all the side effects and was also afraid I would become addicted.

Please, someone respond. I guess I need assurance that I'm doing the right thing and that it is all going to somehow be alright.

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