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It started at the end of July 2009, out of nowhere, i am 19 and previously had been a healthy and active teenage girl. I had a spell of dizziness which lasted about a week, i went to the doctors and they just told me it was stress and to rest. From then on i have never felt myself. I am constantly tired and feel as if my head is going to explode, my balance is bad and i feel as if i cant hold my head up when watching t.v on the laptop etc. I have eye floaters and my eyes are sensitive to light, i went to an eye doctor and they said they are nothing to worry about. But i find them really irritating and worse the more tired i am. I feel as if there is a constant rush around my body and i find it hard to get to sleep and often wake up in the middle of the night, i have always been an anxious person but i never in my wildest dreams would of thought that just anxiety would have brought me to feel as if everyday is an effort. I have okay days where it doesn't effect me as much but its always their and i just really dont know what to do. I sometimes feel really disorientated as if i am in a dream world and could pass out any second. I also have alot of tension in my upper back. I went to my doctors in dec 2009 and told him my symptoms and they put me on anti-depressants which did nothing atall. I feel when I go to the doctors they dont take anything i say seriously and i am just over reacting. Recently i found myself feeling alot more clumsy aswell, not being able to get the right words out or concentrate on anything. It is really getting me down that whatever this is isn't going away and i am not able to enjoy my life anymore, only being 19 surely this isn't right? could this be just anxiety? Advice and help with anyone else that has gone through this would be great?


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