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Jul 25, 2010
Strange Feeling in my head
This a brief description of what I've been going through and a question. I am 23 years old and have had anxiety pretty much as far back as I can remember. I was just recently diagnosed with GAD and depression and will be seeking the help of a counselor. My anxiety has never been as bad as it is at this time in my life. I am constantly on edge and nervous, I cannot sleep, I am always tired, I feel sick everywhere, I have headaches, stomache aches, panic attacks, and the worst thing of all is this strange feeling in my head( sometimes it is very suttle, sometimes it is very aggitating and anymore it is constant and will not go away!! It may start on the right side of my head and then move to the top and then move to the left or just be all over or on both sides! It is driving me crazy...I cannot focus or concentrate and all I think about is something bad happening to me. I cannot even describe this feeling really..everyone I explain to thinks I am crazy! It is aggitating, sometimes feels like a hot burning tingling sensation.) I just want my life back. I just want to feel normal again! Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? BTW I have been to the ER and had a Cat Scan and blood work done and everything came back fine. Could all these symtomns just simly be from anxiety? and if so should I do more than counseling? Should I look into getting on some meds?

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