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hi, im 26 female. i have a 9 yo son and a 9 month old daughter. since the day i gave birth to my daughter i have had this constant lighthead and nausea! im not exagurating it is 24/7! then i started having skipped heartbeats? so i have been to the ER 7 times in 9 months, they have done numerous ecg's and numerous bloodwork inc 3 full blood counts, thyroid etc... i have had 2 ct chest scans and a chest x ray, lung scan, bone scan, because i have a constant ache in my chest and am currently on losec for that but i dont agree i have reflux. ive had echo scan, 24 heart monitor and a treadmill stress test.. a ct scan on my head. all clear!!!! its so frustrating because everyday now i have bouts of restricted breathing at rest, chest aches, upper back aches. my hands and feet are always getting cold and turning purple, middle fingertip gets a burning sensation at times... doc says reynauds? when in the shower my legs and feet go red/purple and certain toes go more purple. ive also had some swelling in 2 toes that have gone now and was because of the cold? but now my head seems to getting worse, the constant lighthead is still there but around 15 times a day i feel as though im getting pulled forward or backwards and it feels as though my head is heavy with pressure. i get off balance at times when walking. and every now and then i will get a electric shock feeling in my head then get real dizzy this only lasts 5 seconds and has only happened 3 times.. im currently seeing a phsychologist for everything who also says its anxiety. but i dont see how this can be causing my constant head feeling 24/7 for the past 9 months!

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