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Hi, So sorry you are dealing with panic! Stress is a real condition & it has brought on panic attacks for me in the past. I am understanding your distress,
believe me. First of all, try not to be alarmed at your blood pressure levels.
It can vary depending on the time of day you take it and what is going on around you--even how you are breathing can make a big difference. In fact,
I have found that I can prevent my panic attacks by deep breathing. Count to 5 when you breathe in deeply, hold for 20 seconds(or as long as comfortable) and then breathe out forcefully for 8 seconds. Getting all the stagnant air out of your lungs helps lower blood pressure. Deep breathe 4 times in a row and it really does help.
My reaction with Effexor was similar to yours. I had rolling panic attacks for 4 hours after my first dose, and the psychiatrist was mad at ME for taking it at night instead of in the morning like she prescribed. I never went back to that dr, nor do I take ANY antidepressants ever again.
Please hang in there and try to relax. You will find a good dr and they can help you. Just try to eat healthy until you get a diagnosis. And don't give up!
God bless...

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