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Am I going insane? I was doing so well for 1 1/ of anxiety and depression..but it all came back on September 4, 2010. I have always hated horror movies (the sick disgusting ones), they're always able to give me mild anxiety and the 'sick' feeling in the stomach, but this time, I was watching a horror movie trailer called Human Centipede. It was sick and somehow I got anxiety from that. It's not panic attack, I didn't feel like I'm fainting, no shortness of breath..etc. It's just anxiety. The more I watched it the worse my anxiety got, and it went from 2 leveled anxiety to 8 leveled anxiety (what I call a full blown anxiety attack). Then, a few hours after that I became really anxious and afraid of the 'unknown'. I was also feeling depressed because I felt like once again anxiety is taking over me. Now these symptoms have lasted since Sept 4 until now. Whenever I'm relaxed, somehow my brain tells me that something's wrong, that I should be anxious right now, so some how these images from the horror movie pop out of nowhere and it makes me really anxious and 'afraid'. I think this horror movie becomes an outlet and a fuel for my anxiety, even though I know that that's not what causing me to be really depressed and anxious.. So am I losing my mind?

Fear of horror movies..? I have never been this bothered by a horror movie before.. I'm not sure if it's even the real cause as to why I'm so depressed and anxious right now.. But the fact that those images pop out in my head whenever I'm feeling 'good', it just really bothers me and I'm afraid to go insane..

My name is Darwin I'm 18 yrs old. Trust me I'm a very normal guy when I'm not like this. I've had GAD, PD, and depression for almost 3 years. I was free from the curse for 1 1/2 year before this happens and I'm at the lowest point in my life. Please.. I need to regain control.

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