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Im i going mad help
Sep 14, 2010

iv had a few years off and on with anxiety and panic attacks but just the odd day in a week or 2.

ok 3 weeks ago i felt a bit crap like i was comeing down with a cold i had tattoo booked in that day id been waiting 3 months for it so i went and got it done it was my whole arm but just the out line it took 3 hours.ok i got a bit shakey after i went home and just fell to sleep the next day i felt crap went to work come home had a bath i got out and my wife said i got red marks all up my arm i had a massive panic attack and went to the docs they took some blood and it was ok he said you had a good old panic attack.

the next day i woke up with tingling all down the back of my head,neck,ears,back,arms,chest,lower legs,it comes on strong when im in bed first thing as it gets me up at 5 am each day. i get pain in my chest and cramps all day in my stomache and a dull head at night the tingling/burning feeling come on and off all day but mostly on and has done so for 3 weeks not as bad at night i can,t go out the house much it feels that bad i did start to think im going mad and how long can i take this feeling for.

so i went back to the docs they did some more blood test and its ok she gave me 20mg of citalopram one a day been on it 15 days made me a bit better about my self i dont feel i hate my self as much now but the tingly/burning is bad still more neck and back and chest.also for the last 2 years at least 1 or 2 days a week i felt weak had no energy dizzy my legs will feel so weak whats up with me i dont play with my kids i feel that bad i get up and sit on the sofa with a cover on me

before i went gym 4 days a week jog most nigths and was in building trade so im very active been working out for 4 years and it was my second tattoo iv got my other arm half done as well both done by same person any info will be nice thank you for your time joe

sorry im not good at writting long things hope you can make it out

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