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I am a 30 year old MALE and suffer from GAD mainly focused on driving a car (anticipatory anxiety that I will get into an accident etc).

Ok so I am 20 days into Lexapro. I am taking 10mg. My dosage for Lexapro is stable at 10:00 am. Now I am also taking Prilosec (Zegrid) 20mg. Initially I used to take Prilosec at 5:30 am but after reading that it might increase the effectiveness of Lexapro by as much as 50% I decided to space out the Lexapro Dosage from Prilosec by at least 12 hours. SO as of Saturday I've been taking Prilosec at 10:00 pm and Lexapro at 10:00 am. Now Yesterday (Tuesday) I started feeling a bit more anxious and today I feel very anxious, and greater stomach acid. Bigger knot in the stomach etc.
Is that a withdrawal symptom? I didn't really have any side effects when I first started taking this medication so this is quite new. Does this means that my body is now thinking that I have reduced the dosage or does this means that Lexapro is finally working? I thought I felt calmer last week then I am feeling this week and especially right now.

If it is a reduction in dosage then does the body normalizes? Will I feel more calm again or do I have to go back to higher effective dosage of Lexapro in order to get back into the calmer range? How long will it take to normalize?

I am not really feeling any effects of the drug I might feel a bit calmer but not much. How long it will take to kick in? I do have some side effects like increased anxiety and unease. Plus nausea and decreased libido (since day 2 of the drug). So the fact that I have side effects, does that mean that I will eventually have therapeutic effects? Mainly if I have side effects that does signify that the drug is working?

Oh yeah also my LIBIDO came back yesterday with a did the drug quit on me?


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