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I was prescribed up to 3mg lorazepam starting August 9, 2010. By Psychiatrist in Hosp Psych Ward b/c very agitated couldn't settle down for about 20 hrs. Diagnosed: GAD & mild depression.

I am currently taking .5 mg once/day. Am doing pretty good. I have made a w/d plan w/Dr. Take .5 mg for a month then discontinue. Please tell me how your withdrawal went so I can better prepare for it?

Am really worried. Dr. also started me on Lexapro, 3rd day now) Working. Says it should ease my w/d from lorazepam. Obviously I want off all drugs.

All help appreciated,
I think that you are well on your way to becoming Loraz-Free. Consider the fact that you have only been taking 3 mg for about 10 weeks and you have weened yourself to 0.5 mg and are feeling alright with that. Continue the weening at 0.5 mg and take every other day when you feel ready. I am on Loraz (3 mg/day) for 10 + years. What's hideous about this med is that my original anxiety is long gone. What remains is a terrible physical addiction that I have tried unsuccessfully to overcome numerous times.

Congatulations and Good Luck!
Thank you & hope you are able to overcome this too.

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