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About one month ago I saw a physio and he said to me I had a twisted pelvis and that I also had bilateral sciatica. I was in pain to begin with now the pain has subsided. I still am VERY stiff through all my legs. When I sit down my feet go numb and especially my big toe. I received at CT scan of my lower spine and it was free of anything. The physio is admenent that its a nerve thing and my nerves are inpinged due to bad shoes and LOADS of stress. The CT scan was clear.
Cut to two weeks later.
My legs are still numbish. I find that with stretching and so on I feel better and I just need bed rest.
NOW other symptoms have started. PANIC ATTACKS. Last night I woke up breathless, dizzy and woozy. I went to the doctor straight away and told her and she put me on LEXAPRO. For some reason I have these pains in my temples. Like I am biting down hard on my teeth at nightime? Has anyone ever had this. I have a feeling its coming through my neck? Also my cheek's have gone numb especially the right side. Thing is the numbness moves around. I constantly sit on google and look at all my symptoms to see what it could be. Could this facial numbness be from anxiety and severe stress - moving away etc. I am VERY stressed about going away. My massage lady said my back was VERY tight and she found that I had a twisted pelvis too. She also said that varios ribs were twisted. Could this be affecting my nerves?

I am soooo terrified to get an MRI or even see a neurologist and I am leaving in a month and bit time to go to the UK.

I really think I need to relax my nerves and just not think about the facial numbness.

I am a highly strung person as it is - which everyone notices.

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