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Hi everyone! I am a 36 yr old female that has been having a lot of anxiety type symptoms but in my mind, I have some horrible disease that the docs are missing! This has been going on for about a year now. It all started out with my heart racing when I would just be sitting there or when I would stand up after sitting. I've had two full blown panic attacks that sent me to the ER. I started waking up every morning with a trembling feeling and my heart beating fast and it would take at least half an hour before that feeling would settle down then I would be full of anxiety and drained the rest of the day. I've had EKG's, X-ray's, holter monitor and blood work done by 3 different docs and the ER and they all say anxiety/panic disorder. They tried me on several different anti depressants/anxiety meds and I couldn't tolerate any of them, I had horrible side affects to them all. I have a huge fear of taking meds as well so when they would prescribe me something, it would take me several days to ever be able to make myself take the med then I would hate the side affects and just stop the med! I was finally given 1mg of Xanax XR to take daily, I've been on that for several months now and it has helped but it seems like the anxiety is coming back again but I don't want to keep upping my dosage of the xanax....I said I would never take that medication and here I am taking it! I have all over muscle twitching at times, some days are worse than others. I'm scared to death to go places by myself because I'm so scared that my heart is going to start racing and I'll start shaking and feel faint. I never have energy to clean my house, I get up to do something and my heart starts racing so I sit back down and I have started gaining weight and that is really getting me down. I just want to feel myself again! I used to bring my kids to the movies and now I can't bring myself to doing it by myself. My husband does have a lot of medical problems. He had to have his colon removed back in '96 then was in a major car accident in '04 and many other things in between and since the car wreck. He is now suffering from chronic pain which is really getting him down emotionally. I am just wondering if there is anyone else out there feeling this way and what the docs are telling you. Hope to hear from some of you soon! Sorry it's so long!
hi:wave:..i know exactly wat your goin through on the anxiety side of your 23 and hav my good and bad days..i get what you get heart racing, trembling i mostly get it in bed when im most relaxed altho i do get it on rare occasions during the day..i hav had 4or5 full blown panic attacks over the last year and ended up in ER twice like yourself i got EKGs and put on a heart monitor everything came back normal i have been to my local GP and hes recommended medication which i refuse to lucky that i dont suffer from social anxiety and that i can go out with my friends and feel relaxed though it is in the back of my mind sometimes..i know im only 23 and you might prefer the opinions and experience of someone older. just say to yourself this is only a panic attack and it will not harm me though it might feel like it is hurting you thats what i do and it helps me. but just know that your not alone in the way you feel you can overcome it for yourself and your family. anyway i hope i gave you some piece of mind and like i said you are not alone in the way you feel..take care and i really hope you can beat it:wave:

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