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Nov 1, 2010
Since Jan 2010 I have been in a constant worried state when it concerns my job. Don't in terms of job security but more to expectation and pressures.

I work for a major global company and due to my length of time in the same process and many changes to personell over the years there is what appears to be a dependency on my manager and me to know the correct answers to all issues, with an abhorant lack if anyone to refer to on issues we may not know tha answers to. This causes me no end of issues as I am unable to leave work at work.

Over the last few months due to several changes at work and the fear if something going wrong I have found myself working 17 or 18 hour days.

In July I was suffering regular bouts of pins and needles in both legs as well as. Numbness and tingling in my face. I visited my gp who sent me for blood tests which came back negative, he could not see any cause for this, despite me mentioning work and the excessive hours.

In august I had to work in Asia for 3 weeks, due yo boredom and the local food not agreeing with me I ended up continuing to work 18 hour days with little diet. I estimate I lost approximate a weeks worth of sleep during this period.

From start of September through to 18th October I continued to work these hours with what for me personally was increaed pressure. Then my young daughter caught a cold which I picked up and it completely knocked me out. I took a week off sick ( my first in 4 years ) during which time I again visited my gp ( though not the same doctor as in July ) I explained everything as I felt that other issues had made the reaction to the cold worse ( based on my daughters short recovery time ) The Gp did nothing except tell me to eat more occasionally and not work as many hours ( impossible ). with no choice I had to return to work on the 25 Oct. Due to the magnitude of work ( not specific to just me ) I found my self in the office until 10pm through to thursday, during the first 3 days of the week I had barely eaten or slept and had several instances of feeling faint.
On the 28th I had a particually bad day and felt that I wad consistently being asked for answers to questions I couldn't answer and that the backlog of work I was helping to bleat was simply not reducing, throughout the day I had suffered an occasional trampling in my right arm and leg as well as some pain on the left side of my chest.

I left work at around 1130pm and reached my car at the trainstation just after midnight, I could barely control my arm and leg at this pint and had an overall fear of dread.

On Friday I again called in dick and booked to see the gp, this tome I wrote everything down. After going through all my issues the gp ( the same one as the previous week ) simply told me that everyone is stressed and that breathing exercises are the best thing to do (!). She did say rake up to the 5 working days off I can self certify for.

I bought some Kalms from the chemist to assist with my nerves and sleep which don't really seem to be helping. I fear most going back to work and it being as was, luckily my boss is understanding and I have offered to see the occupational health team when I return.

I feel I suffered sn anxiety attack last Thursday and as I don't really feel that much better 4 days later I wonder if there is anything mire you can do to get help fir this based on the fact my gp doesn't seem to think I need any help.

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