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Hi everyone,

Nearly 3 months ago as I was visiting my sister at the hospital I started to feel faint, dizzy and nauseous and I had to sit down, almost instantly I felt a heaviness come over me and immense pressure and tightness in my head. I've been feeling this tightness in my head basically 24/7, I wake up with it and go to bed with it.

I'd get constant palpitations, fatigue, occasional shakiness, numbness tingling of extremities. I got really worried because I'm only 20 years old, thought I had some neurological problem. Had a CT scan and MRI done and the neurologist said everything was fine. Went to an ENT who said it wasn't sinus problems. I had a blood test which found that I was severely anemic, had to have iron injections every week for 6 weeks and when this wasn't enough I had to got to the hospital to get an iron infussion. Now that it's been more the 2 months since I've been receiving treatment for my iron deficiency and my iron levels have improved massively although I'm not so fatigued anymore I still have the constant muscle tightness in my head(not as bad as it was initially 3 months ago but it's still extremely annoying) and maybe even TMJ(have odd facial tenderness) and I sometimes have a weird feeling in my upper back teeth immense pressure, I thought it might be wisdom teeth so I went to the dentist who took an x-ray to find that I didn't even have wisdom teeth up there! He said I might be grinding my teeth, although I don't think I do...

I thought treating my anemia would solve the problem but I found that during this period I became extremely anxious to the point where I had my first ever panic attack, couldn't breathe thought my heart would explode.. I'd constantly be worrying about my symptoms and whether I would ever get better again. My hands are constantly shaky and I find that thinking about the pressure in my head makes it even worse, I just keep thinking I have some serious problem in my brain. I find it impossible to relax, at first I thought it was anemia causing this but now I feel that anxiety has taken over. The thing is I never used to be like this, I was the most relaxed easy-going person you'd see...I've gone to a physiotherapist a few times which gave me temporary relief only, he says my muscles are quite tense..

My doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants but I don't want to start on those..not just yet. I'm trying St John's Wort at the moment as a natural alternative and hope it will help me stabilize my anxiety and symptoms. My doctor is reluctant to give me a prescription for xanax but I'm aware of it's addictive nature and I think it would be a comfort thing just to know that it's there for emergencies, not everyday use.

Sometimes I don't know if it really is anxiety that is causing these problems..

I wonder if [B]muscle relaxants [/B]would help with muscle tightness, tension-type headaches? Has anyone else tried [B]St John's Wort[/B], does it work? Does [B]xanax[/B] relieve muscle tightness/tension-pressure headaches?

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