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Hello everyone,

I would like to get some help here, so I'm sorry if I take some of your time.

It's my dad ( 49, normal weight ) , he has no permenant diseases like diabetes etc.. Generally normal, nothing is wrong with his health.

Last month he was travelling, it was the first time to encounter this problem. He started to feel a pain in his left chest, it was so painful he mistakened it with a heart attack. He went to the ER and did some tests, everything related to cardiological problems was negative so he moved on. Pain lasted for a few hours then it was gone.
The next day he had chest pain again, it was on a different area of the left chest, and was more painful than before.
The next few days he had more painful attacks on the different areas of the left chest. went to ER again but nothing was helpful.

A few days later he returned back home. He went to ER instantly after coming back, did some tests ( heart enzymes, blood pressure, blood test was ok, ... ) everything was ok..
ER doctors thought it was something related to his stomach so they gave him something for stomach.

Next day he had the same pain several times in the day but the pain was in a lower scale. After that day he didn't encounter that pain again. In that same day he went to his doctor to know what's the cause of that pain. Doctor asked him to do several tests, and all tests were ok.
heart enzymes
blood pressure
blood test
heart rate
stress test
Endoscopy for large intestine
MRI for chest
None of those tests showed any problem with him.

Time passed and he had no chest pain no discomfort nothing, until 15 days ago. He was travelling to china, first 2 days there was ok. Then the pain started again with a LARGER scale than before. It was most painful than any time before this. For the 3 following days he had the same pain, in different times everyday. He went to the ER and had the same tests he's done before and everything was ok. Doctors didn't know what his problem is and gave him a pain killer. He took the pain killer but it made him feel more uncomfortable so he stopped taking them. The next few days he had higher "doses" of the pain on his left chest. Pain was so severe he thought he was dying. Day 8 in china he was lying down while having that chest pain, then he felt so hot and after a few minutes so cold and then his body started shaking.
He went again to ER to have alot of tests and everything was ok. The next day he had the same symptoms ( hot, cold, shaking body ) accompanied with the chest pain.

Two days ago was his departure day from china he was afraid that flying could be the reason for all of this. On the flight back he had the most painful pain he ever had before, it lasted for a few hours, after it was gone then he had some sleep. He then arrived home and pain was already gone.
First thing he did was calling his doctor who believed his pain is a panic attack or something psychological. So he decided to see him on Monday.
A few hours ago he woke up feeling hot then cold then all his body started shaking. This time there was no chesst pain.

I've searched internet and saw some topics like this one, but none of those was properly diagnosed. I would like to know if any of you people encountered anything like this. Or if anyone have any idea about the cause of this problem. Or if anyone can advise me what to do.

Thanks alot for reading .. :)

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