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Hi all,

Im new here and wondered if anyone had ever had any experience of tingling or tremors caused by anxiety.

I've suffered on and off for years with depression and anxiety.

5-6 years ago i went through a terrible time of panic attacks and health anxiety i was convinced i was going to die. then one day i started the pins and needles down the left hand side of my body. many Dr's and MRI scans later and i was told it was GAD.

Since then i've been up and down but mainly my anxiety has felt under control. I do still get very anxious about things and i also suffer from PCOS. I admit to being a bit OCD and have emetaphobia (i have had it since being a child). i have also recently developed quite a serious obsession with a singer (i would daydream about him all day)

2 weeks ago i started to notice i was getting the shakes which i put down to too much coffee (i was drinking about 8 cups a day). over the following 2 weeks the tingles came back along with crawling and buzzing sensations all over my body. for the last week i have had the constant shakes from head to toe.

I saw a neuro who said maybe ms and i had a near nervous breakdown. my symptoms went crazy and i realised quite how mentally unstable i have been recently.

I suppose what i am wondering is has anyone ever experienced any similar symptoms brought on by anxiety?


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