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Crazy Symptoms
Nov 19, 2010
Looking for some advice or maybe to find someone suffering similar ailments. I have been suffering for some time now with a strange and undiagnosed set of symptoms despite numerous tests. My sysmptoms seem to wax and wane and also rotate periodically. Just when one seems to get better, another seems to get worse. Below is my list of symptoms and frequency. I have had MRIs, CTs, X-Rays, Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Countless bloodwork.

Head Pressure(At the base of the skull) - Almost constant. I get scary muscle contractions above my ears that makes my head feel like it is pulsating.
Rushes of tension - I wish I could describe this one, but its like I get these rushes where I just tense up until I feel like im going to pass out.
Stiff Neck,Jaw and Chest ( My neck sounds like rice krispies when I move it & my jaw pops) - Constant
Dizziness - Not room spinning, but a lightheaded drunk, headache feeling. Worse when standing.
Mild Nausea - Comes & Goes. This has been better lately
Alcohol Intolerance - Alcohol makes the symptoms worse at first, unless I have 3 or more and then it starts to improve them or help me ignore them.
Temperature Intolerance - I get cold very easy.

Eating or drinking too much causes the symptoms to get worse as does holding going to the bathroom. Being around smoke and or bright lights also.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My doctors are at a loss. Something is seriously messed up with me though.

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