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Gigirose, i'm sorry you're feeling the way you do.
I can certainly relate. if you dont mind, id like to share a bit of what i experienced.

I lived my life never knowing what panic or anxiety was until a summer evening in 2007. I was 26. Like yourself, I was in a car and out of nowhere, like a ton of bricks, I freaked out. My heart raced, my vision blurred, my pulse was off the charts. I had no idea what was going on. i couldnt control my self, i was freaking out. It was like i had just consumed 70 red bulls. I made it to the ER and my heartrate and blood pressure were through the roof. I ended up calming down a few hours later and they sent me home .. That was also my first trip ever to an ER and they diagnosed me with ... GERD? very wrong. Anyways this panic thing happened the very next day.. we were in a busy intersection and i could see we were boxed in, i started feeling closterphobic..i was going out of my mind. i made my wife pull over and i jumped out and i layed on some grass that was there. i had to avoid long car rides.

I missed 3 months of work, had many, many doctors visits until one doc said i had anxiety and depression. I was in denial because i was positive that my issue was physical. I tried a couple SSRI's but i can't tolerate them.

I did best on Xanax. When i felt the feeling of dread and fear slowly building, i took a 1mg Xanax and that helped to calm things down.

Fast forward to today, overall i am better. I am left with some anxiety and the occasional palpitation. I dont take any meds anymore. More because i avoid doctors and panic whenever anyone tries to take my blood pressure.

One thing that may be similar to your issue is that i had been to the docs a few days prior to my panic and i had been given antobiotics. This was my first time ever taking amoxicillin culvinate. Maybe you had been given some antibiotics also for broncitis?

to this day i am still not sure what triggered my inital attack in '07, but i avoid antibiotics and caffiene even though i used to drink mountain dew every day since i was 17. I am sure it was the amoxicillin, but i never want to test this theory.

I know this post is long winded, but i know all to well what you are experiencing and i certainly hope you get the help needed (whether it be therepy, med's, etc..) to get you back to your old self.

good luck to you.
Lexapro can take upto 4 weeks to become effective..... in 4 weeks, you might develop some very mild dependency on xanax, but it wont be hard to quit, just go from 4 pills a day to 3 to to to 1 over a week or so and you should be fone.

After that, you can just keep some Xanax on hand for bad days, and let lexapro do the job most of the time.

Note that I said "might" - most people could take Xanax for 4 weeks with no dependency, but a few might develop it to a mild degree, chances are you wont.

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