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LexApro and Xanax
Nov 23, 2010
New to this site. Thanks for looking. Recent history... Was feeling fine until I got bronchitis a couple weeks ago. Started feeling a little better and family and I started on a road trip for the weekend. About 45 minutes into it I freaked out! I wanted to jump out of the car! I felt like i couldnt breathe got diarrhea hot flashes heart racing and more. Told family we had tong back home. I was okay until next day and freaked out at home. Went to md gave me 5 medications two including zoloft and Valium. I got so freaked out on zoloft went back to dr and he told me to double up on Valium. I continues to have panic attacks in the house. Went back to doctor and started on lexApro and Xanax. lexApro is giving me diarrhea Poor appetite and mild headaches. Have had 3 doses so far. Taking half a Xanax 3 to 4 times a day. My ? How long until in addicted to Xanax and how long til lexApro helps the anxiety? Thank you for reading my story. I feel like a horrible mom right now and my husband doesn't understand any of my feelings.

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