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Hi all,

I have been diagnosed as having GAD and a little bit of depression. I also think I suffer from OCD but my therapist has not mentioned this the two times I have seen her. I have occassionally been waking up and it's like I am half asleep/half awake and my mind starts racing with all these random thoughts that dont make sense. Examples, I have to go upstairs and wake up my mother, my ex had another baby. I then go into a state of panic after and get freaked out. I feel a little confused and unsure of myself that I really believe these things, maybe thats part of OCD? I can't stop stressing that there is something else wrong with me! I stress over becoming schizophrenic and bipolar and I am just constantly stressing over everything. Do these random intrusive weird thoughts at night sound anxiety related?? can anybody relate?? I also have been developing TMJ symptoms and I wake up with my jaw hurting and wake up a few times a night and toss and turn.

I feel good to read all of this because I feel I`m not anlone... :) I have GAD too. My doctor said that all of this come from Anxiety and guess what? EVERYTHING you said I feel too, everything: OCD, racing random thoughts followed by panic, unsure if I believe this thoughts, feeling confused, worrying if there is something else wrong with me, if i am going crazy, stressing over everything all the time and jaw hurting. Yes, it is ALL related to anxiety. Depression comes from anxiety and OCD is just another symptom. You have to work on the anxiety and the rest will disappear.

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