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So I'm 19. in September I had a panic attack, and after a week of a sort of derealization feeling I felt normal again. I managed to agitate my anxiety and I began to experience loss of appetite, nausea, constant anxiety, derealization, loss of concentration, loss of interest in things that I like, and I couldn't go to school or work because I would panic. Finally I overcame my fear in 2 weeks (Actually hit the second week mark from when this whole thing began.) and my appetite came back, and I'm no longer afraid to be at work or school. My doctor gave prescribed me 12 Ativans (0.5 MG) ever 6 hours last Friday, but by Tuesday I no longer required them, and in truth only ended up taking 2 overall.

However, now I have this problem with concentration. When people talk to me while I'm focusing on TV or computer all I hear is words and I don't end up hearing what they say. When focusing on stringing up lights for Christmas and I'm untangling them, I kind of get confused at what I'm looking at and it gets a little more difficult to untangle them.

I'm not sure whether or not to say this is a result of my anxiety, or if I'm going crazy from something else! My doctor hasn't actually given me a name for what I'm going through (infact, he says I'm probably just worrying myself sick). I'm scared I have some kind of cognitive disorder or something. This morning I freaked out because I was afraid I was becoming Schizophrenic, but now I kind of doubt that because I don't have any serious symptoms that would reflect that.


After 2 weeks I've gotten over nearly all none cognitive symptoms. I have an appetite, I'm not longer nauseated, I only get anxious when I think about possible disorders. However, my cognitive abilities are pretty bad. Am I getting better? Was this whole thing only a phase? Is this a result of my panic attack in September, and the problems that caused it to come back early November? Will my cognitive abilities return to normal? And am I dealing with some kind of anxiety disorder, or something more serious?

Thank you folks!

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