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Heya, newbie here, mostly in search of answers....
First off, I do have an anxiety problem, but latly I've been feeling symptoms that I usually don't suffer from due to anxiety.
List of current symptoms;
-slight pressure feeling behind one eye, that has recently gone and been replaced with occasional excess tearing and odd popping sensation at times on inner side of eye, where the little sack thing is on corner of eye.
-soon after eye problem started, a dull, constant pain/pressure feeling at the back of my head where neck meets skull.
-a general "heavy" feeling.
-on occasion a feeling of imbalance/dizziness.

Been surfing web looking for possible answers, but usually end up being pointed to either anxiety or other things with vaguely similar symptoms that kind of fit, but not 100%

Some of these symptoms are exacerbated by playing video games ><

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated :)
Hi there!

I must admit, the eye problem im not sure of but that could be something to do with the pressure building up. but where you have said a constant dull like pressure that the back of your head, i get this too! im so glad you have said this because i worry about it. my head feels really heavy and i find it difficult to drive like it at times. but yes it is anxiety related! do you get other symptoms of anxiety?
Thanks for replies Intrigued, just too update, couple days back I found a large swollen lump on back of my head, at top of neck, needless to say had me instantly worried and off to the doctors next day. After being sent for xrays and stressing for the rest of the day untill another appointment next day, turned out to be nothing more then a smollen muscle that was most lickly caused by sudden neck movement, so thats what was causing the dull pain in back of head. As for the eye pressure; while at doctors second time asked if could have my ears checked for blockages, turned out right ear had a slight infection that was causing pressure feeling in my sinus.

All good now :)

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