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I've been dealing with anxiety for almost 3 years and have taken Paxil on and off for it. Back in April/May, I started having symptoms again, and I was convinced I had every disease in the world (even though I knew better), but I went on vacation and found it pretty suspect that my symptoms were mostly absent for that week, when I had too much else on my mind to even think about it, and I could relax.

Once I got home from the trip, a million things happened: my mom got really sick, I lost my job, and I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me. I was beyond stressed out and my anxiety got so bad that all I could do was sleep most days. I finally went back to the doctor & asked if I could go back on the Paxil, and I did. I took it for 3 months, but it didn't seem to work like it has in the past. One reason for that could be that I kept accidentally skipping days. But I wondered if I needed a larger dose? (I take 20 mg.)

So, I stopped taking it cold turkey around Halloween because I couldn't afford to go back to the doctor to get the refill. Ever since, I've been having anxiety issues again, but now I'm having a new problem.

It started about 2-3 weeks ago. I was eating a taco and it felt like I pulled a muscle in my neck. Ever since then, when I get stressed/nervous, or just for no reason, that spot in my neck starts hurting and throbbing. Usually, the pain is accompanied by numbness in my face, but that has always been an anxiety symptom for me, so that's the only thing making me think it is anxiety.

I told my mother about it when I was at her house one day and she was like, "I think that's a sign of a stroke." Great! One more thing I'm going to start worrying about."

Anyway, I do have poor posture/sit at the computer a lot, so it could be some kind of strain - and I've found that when I'm having bad anxiety, any other slight pain I have is magnified 100x.

The reason I'm writing is because this morning, I was sound asleep when all the sudden I heard a sound outside, like someone dragging something across my yard. My dog heard it too and started barking and I woke up with my heart pounding. I finally calmed down but my neck started throbbing worse than it ever has and my face went numb.

It's stopped now, but I got so freaked out that I took an asprin, thinking if I was having a stroke, maybe that would help. I feel so silly, even as I type this, I realize it's probably anxiety. I guess I need some reassurance. Has anyone else had neck pain/facial numbness w/ anxiety? Thanks.
sure have~! i sleep totally messed up and i injured my neck doing yoga about 8 months ago, every since i've had severe pain in the neck and numbness in parts of my face. went to the doctor and said half my face felt weird, not really numb just tingly and they sent me to the ER and did a CT of my brain and it was fine, not stroke, tumor, etc. i have bad TMJ though and with the neck injury it just messes stuff up.

it could be your nerves being pinched from neck problems. i'm not a doctor but that's what i think is happening to me. so maybe it's happening to you.

my dad had a stroke and i asked him what it felt like, he was affected on one half of his body, he couldn't really lift his arm and his mouth wouldn't move. so it was more that he lost the ability to move half his body rather than felt numb or tingly.

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