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Hi Sealer... I was reading your post and I think you should have a look at mine on the anxiety boards called, "Lexapro for anxiety... My daily experience with it". I have thyroid issues as well that are up, down, normal and changing all the time. If you were hypo in the recent past, your cholesterol levels could be high due to that. It's one of the things hypo does to people. Mine are a little high now too. As for your husband, why don't you find a page on the net explaining GAD, that is short, sweet, & to the point, print it out, and make your husband read it. Tell him he doesn't have to like it, but you would like his support through this. I know for me, when times get bad, it's good to simply hear the words, "you're ok" (in a nice, calm voice) from my husband. I had to sorta coach him on the tone to use... You know how men can be... lol... Anyway, I'm a little nervy about taking meds too and I've started lexapro and a benzo as well. I keep the benzo for use only as needed except for the first few days of starting lexapro. I'm on day six of lexapro 5mg (taken at bed time so I sleep through the side effects) and I'm starting to feel pretty good. Hang in there, no matter what, you're ok and you can do this. Finding the right med can change your life for the better and side effects are temp. One good thing is for most, you're on the right med being lexapro... I've read it has the least side effects, and is the fastest acting. I'm not sure about 2.5mg... Is that what you're on? I'm pretty sensitive to meds.... and as long as I take 5mg an hour or so before bed, I don't feel any side effects other than a tiny bit of sweating.

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