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Hypothyroidism you too, I was diagnosed with this one just last spring as well. What I can tell you is that I too am in a constant state of worry, from health issues to work related issues. Basically if there's something to worry about you can bet I will. I also deal with some physical issues as well like heart paliptations, butterflies in the pit of my stomach, mood swings, heart pounds like it's going to come out of my chest, and dizzy spells. I find that I mostly deal with my symptoms at night, I think that it is the calmness of the night that gets my brain racing and thinking about all the things that could happen. In my experience I have great days and some bad days, what has helped me get through this has been regular appointments with my therapist where we discuss cognitive behavioural therapy. I am taught relaxation techniques which help you get through the nasty times. If you google cognitive behavioural therapy relaxation techniques you can get these off the internet, they may seem corny but believe me it will get you out of the moment and into a much nicer place. Believe me when I tell you that it will get worse before it will get better. Keep in touch regularly with the people on this board for it will become very therapeutic for you as I have found. People who understand and can relate to you makes it that much easier to get on with your daily routine. Keep in touch and update us on how you are making out, are you currently seeing anyone besides your family physician?

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