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Hello all, i am new to these forums,

It all started around 3 months ago when i was walking the dog, i had a episode where i became unsteady on my feet and actually collapsed/fainted, i don't think i was out long and knew where i was after i came round.

i had played 5 a side football just before and probably pushed myself too much without eating and drinking properly before the game.

Ever since then i have had these symptoms and strange feelings, i have had the dizzy spells which lasted most of the day along with unsteady while walking (happened mostly while at the supermarket) also horrible feeling of passing out, tiredness, shortness of breath, palps, head pressure feeling of tightness, when i lay down to sleep i get woozy feelings sometimes.

Now that all passed a little, still get slightly dizzy going out places but not to the extent of before, now i get achy left arm during the day and at night, also slight uncomfortable feeling in the chest (wouldn't say painful) this has been going on for a couple of weeks, really annoying.

I have been to the doctors and ER once, they did EKG, blood pressure, bloods, blood sugar but apart from my heart beating a little fast they found nothing, my blood pressure is high though doctor had it at 150/109 but said it wasn't anything to worry about.

Are these all classic anxiety symptoms, i am due to go to the Arythmia clinic on the 11th jan for more tests (should have been on the 30th nov but weather got bad and it was canceled, typical) so i have had to live through christmas worrying about my health.

Latest episode happened last night, was watching tv in bed and had a sudden feeling come over me, was like a rush feeling (very hard to describe) and i felt odd for a few seconds, then it eased after about an hour and i managed to get to sleep just, very scary stuff.

I now appreciate what you all have to go through, never thought it could be so scary!

Just hope it isn't anything serious, oh i don't smoke am 37yo around average weight for my height.

Thanks for reading and appreciate any comments.

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