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I am curious if this is anxiety or something worse. I have GAD, my worst and daily symptom is this weird feeling like Im rocking on a boat in my head, it comes with head pressure behing my eyes, a headache and neck pain. I also have this other new odd thing happening, when I drive I am fine, but after getting out of the car my head feels likes its still moving its odd. I have been to my GP doc numberous times since this all started 3 yrs ago, he did all kinds of blood tests, did a heart monitor and lung x-rays because I was feeling like I was having air hunger, but that was clear, he sent me in sept to the ENT ear specialist who did the full gamitt of testing and an MRI, the MRI was clear and he said I have BPPV and he did 2 eply manuvers for this, but I still have these dizziness boat feelings almost daily in the a.m and mostly in the last afternoon and evening. After this I went back to my endocrenologist bevcause I thought maybe my thyriod was off again and it was, but he said would not cause dizziness, so am getting levels back in order now. Also am anemic low ferratin level but taking iron for that. Finally went to a Neurologist and he said MRI was great, but checked my neck and siad it was inflammed and the nerves in it going into the head was causing the bad headaches so I had trigger point injections done and that helped some. But I'm still haveing dizziness almost daily, with headaches at times, tension in the neck, air hunger at times, insomnia, fear, worry all day about dying, nausea at times, blury vision at times. My GP and ENT think anxiety is the cause of alot of the dizziness, but I don't know. Also my gyn says I'm in peri and someone said dizziness can come with peri. Does anyone have dizziness like this daily and for hours at a time? Or is this just not anxiety? Thanks for your help.

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