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I too feel your pain...11yrs ago I was a party guy and did all the fun things like drinking untill One time I over did it and ended up having a Panic/anxiety attack for the first time in my life...they prescribed me Buspar for it and I found that the more I took it the more anxious I I stopped using it and found that my anxiety improved with just a few flare ups now and again...I ended up hardley ever getting them after getting married and having kids....then here recently I had a severe sinus infection in my lower jaw and got on antibiotics for it just coming off the pain and exhaustion I was working in my back yard and I over exerted myself and Thought I was having a Heart attack "AGAIN" which is my anxiety phobia...but EKG and enzymne test were once again another wasted ER about 5 days later I was goin for my stress TEST i felt like i was coming down with the Flu and felt Yuk I waited and then last saturday I kept feeling a tingling and a cold feeling in both my Feet and hands and wouldnt go away after taking a xanex and drinking lots of fluids so suprise I was back at the ER and once again nothing was I have to take Xanex to sleep because Im freaking out about my feet and thinking something is wrong but My anxiety will litterly WAKE me up out of a dead sleep and like you are ready with the Phone for 911...It sucks so Your not the only one and Im having to see a nuerologist now because all my test are normal...I do know that is why im on here now and its very comforting knowing your not alone with these wierd problems because your mind is the Hardest thing to control...Good luck to you..

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