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Yep, those skipped beats are scarey. My cardio doc says the same thing. Its a normal condition for many many people. I'm 61 and have had them since my 20's. I figured if it was something bad, I would have been gone long ago. It's lika a catch 22. Its caused by stress and anxiety among other things. When you get a skipped beat, you get stressed which in turn causes you have more. I found that if I don't fight it, it calms down. It feeds on emotion. If it gets bad (4-5 times a minute), I take a xanax tab. 0.5mg. This helps because it puts me to sleep.

Most people have this condition and don't know it. You know it because your anxiety makes your heart pump harder therefore, more noticeable. Sometimes it come in clusters. Thats scarey. I've had every test known to man including wearing a monitor for a day. Same thing, nothing wrong.

Was on beta-blockers for a time. Made me feel worse. Not taking anything for it now. It comes and goes when it wants. I learned not to worry about it, although that is easier said then done.

I have read on this board that some people have had luck controlling this by taking magnesium. Check it out.

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