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Not sure it's the same thing you are describing, but this is what happens to me. Just as I'm drifting to sleep, I get a sensation in my head, like a jolt to the brain or something. It seems as though I'm hearing some kind of noise as it is happening, almost like my brain actually jerked. Happened this morning after tried to fall back asleep after only 4 hrs sleep. I kept laying there hoping it would pass, but no, EVERYTIME i started to drift, BANG, that jolt again. I too have anxiety, but have recently come off an antidepressant(ssri)-so I was thinking it might be related. I'm going for a sleep study soon to see if they can get to the bottom of this. Not sure its the same as what you have, but all in all, data suggests its anxiety -related, sleep deprivation related, and not harmful or dangerous. But it's frustrating as hell isn't it? Especially when it goes on for hours..days..forcing you to resort to sleeping meds. For me, it is accompanied by a noise in my head, startle response, followed by racing heart.

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