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Hi..not sure if I am using this site correctly....but here goes.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and GAD, generalized anxiety disorder. I have read and checked on the symptoms of both....not to mention menopause, as well. All 3 have similar symptoms. My first question to all of you is...if you have the same problems as me, do you think the anxiety could be caused from the thyroid issue? Or menopause? Or both.

Also, I recently started taking clonazepam for my anxiety (about a month ago) and it seems to be helping some but am still having some issues. It seems that the whole year of 2010 was plagued with worries for me about my health....everyday it was something new for me to worry about. I HATE THIS. I still have worries even with the medication. My next question to you is do you still have symptoms of anxiety even though you are on medication? For instance..before I went on medication, I had mild pain in my calves or various parts of my leg. I went to the ER with worry of a blood clot as I was on a menopausal patch and that was a side effect. The ER assured me I was fine. Then I saw a commercial for doctor assured me I did not have that as I don't smoke, not obese, etc. I am still worried about my legs even though I am on anxiety medication. I have read that muscle soreness is a symptom of thyroidism, anxiety....but could this still be the case even if you are on meds? I guess I was hoping that once I started the medication all of my worries would be gone.

Do any of you with these problems experience muscle/leg soreness or any other issues even on medication?

Sorry about writing a novel...hope I made sense. I am going for a check up in a few weeks. If there are any questions or info you can give me before going to ask my doctor would be appreciated. Thank you! Hope 2011 is good to all of you.

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