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Hi there, I am 53 year old female and around may sometime i started having these awful panic attacks and at night adrenaline surges. my blood pressure was shooting through the roof too.

i've struggled with hypothyroid since sept of 2000. been off and on celexa since then for varioius bouts of depression and some anxiety but nothing compares to this anxiety i had in may...

i went on to develop agoraphobia and am still dealing with it. i've spent so many days feeling so surreal that i wondered if i even existed. every little change in my environment would trigger surreal and or anxiety. i just dont know what happened to me at that time, possibly thyroid related and we upped my dose and i was low on vitamin D and both are being addressed right now with new thyroid dose and 2000 iu's of D but still i have agoraphobia anxiety and still when i go outside i feel in a fog.

i tried zoloft and celexa this summer and hated them both! i'm now trying a low dose of paxil about 5 mgs and maybe 10 mgs if necessary but i refuse to take anymore then 10 mgs of paxil cause i've read of how numb people get and how hard it is to get off it.

so i've been on only 2.5 mgs of paxil for about 4 nights now and i have to admit that i feel a wee bit better, placebo i am sure but my mind seems quieter for now...but still of course anxiety and fear knots up in my tummy when i think of going out side unless with my husband who has become my "safe person" poor guy...

so can anyone give me some good feedback on paxil please cause i really need some hope here...i've lost my job already and i've not been able to pick up my grandson from school all school year and go places and do things i use to do..i would like to enjoy some shopping at the mall again or just going down the road to kmart or target without having to make sure i am having a good day first...any suggestions.

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