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The symptoms you're describing can be attributed to anxiety, I suffered from PTSD after witnessing a natural disaster that killed many people I know. I couldn't fit into a normal routine anymore, and when going out I'd get dizzy, suffer headaches, ect. I also had to deal with my parents fighting all the time, and teachers telling me off for not being able to complete work. I was previously an honours student, but I failed most classes that year, lol and wrote smart comments in my textbooks.
Please be gentle on yourself. In your time out of school, just focus on enjoying yourself. I refocused my anxiety by focusing on goals I could achieve, last year, the year after my failed year, I refocused and did much better at school. Out of school I found time to enjoy myself, party with friends, ect. I've also found a regular excercise routine helps divert your thoughts, especially rigourous excercise. Speaking to psychologists does help, but if you're unable to do so, just try to act as positive as possible.
This all may sound cliche, but I've suffered from anxiety myself. The chest pains are from stress, which would happen to me during my anxiety attacks, dizziness and headaches are completely normal aswell, so is the rage and crying, which is from the built up emotions. When you're constantly focused on your anxiety, your emotional needs are unfufilled, and therefore, you get angry and sad. Even if you can't focus on your school work, just enjoy your time there as best you can. Do anything you can to divert your thoughts, listen to music, play videogames, excercise, ect. Setting easily acheivable goals will allow you to feel more in control of your life. The muscle twitching is also normal, so is the perception that what's currently happening isn't real, it's part of the 'fight or flight' mechanism, when your anxious that mechanism in your body is activated.
What you describe is not unusual, and you can work through your emotions, so just try to relax. You won't achieve getting rid of your anxiety instantly, but if you divert your attention to other aspects of life it will quickly begin to ease. Try to focus on being less introverted and more extroverted.
I too thought of dropping out of school recently, as I've still been under constant stress, I recently found out my father is a pedophile that molested my sister, and have had to deal with a bad financial situation and living in isolation without a reliable car. Constant stress has made me cynical at times, but I try my best to focus on doing things I enjoy, helping people I care about, ect. Strangely the more tradgedy I see in life, the more I appeciate the good aspects of life. Take one day at a time, there is no need to be overly pre-occupied with the future, as it reveals itself soon enough.

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