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I'm 17, and I've been having terrible anxiety for about a year now. I constantly worry about everything it seems like. From constant disaster worries (like the end of the world) to health issues. Some things I've been anxious about this week alone: I think I have a brain tumor (cause I have constant headaches, which are probably from anxiety), I believe I have a heart condition cause my chest always hurts (also probably because of anxiety), and I constantly worry about the end of the world. Especially lately because of all the birds and fish dying stuff. When I read about that I DID have a panic attack. A bad one. When I do go out in public I get really dizzy and get a massive headache. And the many times I have tried going back to school I'm miserable all day because I'll get a massive headache and be dizzy all day. It's completely ruining my life. About 3 months ago I had a terrible panic attack at school. I ended up in the hospital afterwards because I was certain I was having a heart attack. After that day I would not go to school a few times a week. Then it turned into going to school once a week. Now I don't go at all.

My doctor doesn't seem to take me seriously. All he's done is prescribe me paxil. Which I don't feel is working at all. All paxil has done has give me depression. Which I didn't have before. My mother and I constantly fight and bicker about me not going to school. She understands I have anxiety but she doesn't help. And every time my family and I get into a fight about my anxiety and not going to school, I'll get this immense amount of rage and end up breaking things, which then leads to me laying in my room crying. (I'm a 17 year old male. I haven't cried since I was a child until recently). The amount of stress I'm under these past few weeks is terrible. My life is started to feel like a terrible dream. I've been trying to get to a psychiatrist or psychologist, but there's only about 3 in my area and none of them are taking anymore patients. I'm stumped on what to do. My depression level lately is outstanding. I don't know what to do.

Also I would like to be comforted on these symptoms I think I've been having from anxiety, can anyone relate to these? : Random muscles in my body randomly twitch all day, I get dizzy when I go out in public sometimes, every time I get anxious I get a really bad headache, I constantly have chest pain, and sometimes I feel like what's happening at the moment isn't real.

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