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Hi. I have posted several questions since joining but unfortunately didn't get the response I was looking for....I'm hoping some of the veterans on here can give me their thoughts.

Long story short, I have always had some anxiety when it concerns my health. This goes back to the 80's. But it seems the older I get, the more intense the anxiety gets. Last year had some health problems for me but nothing that couldn't be fixed. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder...which none of my 3 doctors were surprised to learn. If I think there is something wrong with me, or whatever about my health, I will dwell on it constantly...looking things up online (which I always vow I will never do again). I have learned that it is most often the anxiety kicking in and once I control myself into thinking with a right mind, I do feel better and symptoms go away.

My doctors have encouraged me to go on about a month ago I started taking clomazapam, 1 mg, 1/2 pill twice a day. At first I thought I was feeling better but not so sure right now. Clonazapam is for anxiety. They also suggested Lexapro for depression but am a little scared to take that for now.

Here is what I am hoping some of you can help me September I was on a hormone patch....little worried about the side effects but still agreed to try it. Well, after two weeks, my left leg (calf) bothered me somewhat and I was convinced I had a blood clot (side effect). Trip to ER said I was fine. Then I saw a commercial for PAD....went to doctor and he said there was no way I could have that and suggest that I just do some stretching. By this time I am feeling soreness in both legs. The soreness comes and goes and does move around to various parts of the back sides of my legs. I can do my daily routine....pain is not bad but noticeable. Now, I am worried I might have MS....I have been reading about symptoms regarding the disease but as far as I know, the only one I have is the soreness and sometimes I feel like my left leg is wet or cold ... this lasts a minute and goes away and happens when I am walking my dog. My question to you is could this just be anxiety? Obviously I have been thinking of my legs since September (which when I have something like is my pattern to worry months on end)...just constant worry while I think of things it could be. It also seems when I am occupied with my family or keeping myself really busy, I usually don't even think about it or have any sensations if any at all. I know symptoms of anxiety are muscle soreness, tingles, etc.....and am wondering that since I am on such a low dosage of meds that they really are not "kicking in"....what do you think? Could it be anxiety?

Sorry for being so long and I do hope I hear something from success rate hasn't been that great. Take care and thank you!

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